Loop is on a mission to make ping pong part of thousands of places people already spend time in and makes it possible for you to play in your workplace, sports clubhouse, university or college campus, local pub, cafe or bar.

Loop at Work, Loop on Campus and Loop in the Clubhouse successfully launched in 2015 providing ‘off the shelf’ ping pong packages that include all the required equipment, training and support for people willing to champion the table (we call these good folk Ping Pong Pioneers) and resources to help with the promotions. Loop has enabled hundreds of organisations to provide table tennis opportunities for people already. Other Loop packages are coming soon.

Loop at Work

The number of workplaces that are in the loop is growing rapidly. If you fancy beating your boss, you could try to get a job at one of these businesses, or, there’s a much easier way…

Click here to read about all the benefits of Loop at Work and use this to persuade your boss to get #intheloop too. Visit www.keepintheloop.co.uk/work/

Click here to download the document Why Play Makes Good Business.

Loop on Campus – Universities

Universities are placing tables in accessible and sociable places all over their campuses with activities led by Loop trained Ping Pong Pioneers. Table locations include student union bars, public squares, parks, halls of residence, canteen and even libraries.

Keep a look out for tables popping up on your campus, or get in touch with your sports development team or students’/athletics union representatives to find out when Loop is coming to your campus.

Read more at http://www.keepintheloop.co.uk/campus

Loop in the Clubhouse

Ping Pong is a really popular ‘second sport’, so we’re encouraging community sports clubs to introduce ping pong to their clubhouses and shared spaces. By March, we expect there to be nearly one hundred sports clubs with tables. Keep an eye out next time you visit your community club, or mention Loop to officials or the bar manager so they can introduce ping pong soon. Read more at http://www.keepintheloop.co.uk/clubhouse/

Loop in the Community

Whether you’re targeting groups with disabilities, women and girls, ethnic minorities, younger people, older people or simply want to get everyone involved, Loop in the Community has a package designed to help you bring the members of your community closer together playing and enjoying social table tennis.

Our ‘Join In’ packages include table, bats, balls and loads of printed resources aimed getting your group active and engaged with social table tennis. For more information visit http://www.keepintheloop.uk/community/