How to pitch the benefits of Ping! to partners with tables already

Help table hosts make the most of their tables

When talking to partners with their own table tennis tables, it’s important to focus on the way Ping! can benefit them. Of course, there will be significant benefits for you too, but the partner is more likely to be receptive if you’re able to help them achieve their goals.

Different partners will have different aspirations, so it can be helpful to ask them a few questions first. Ask them why they got the table in the first place, is it as successful as they hoped it would be, and what’s getting in the way of making it more successful. The answers to these questions will help you talk about Ping! in a compelling way.

Cafes and Bars want to create an attractive social offer for their customers. Table tennis creates another reason for people to visit and spend money on food and drinks while they’re there. Therefore it’s important to position Ping! as a way for the café or bar to reach a new audience, attract more customers, attract more repeat customers and bring people through the door at quiet times.

Leisure Centres usually allow customers to book table tennis for a fixed period of time. They are often looking for ways to increase utilisation rates and attract new customers to visit the centre.

Parks and Open Spaces. Tables in parks have usually been placed the local authority parks team or a local Friends of Park group. Find out who’s behind the table and ask them what they want to get from it. You can use the answers to talk about the value of Ping!. More often than not, the partner will want to attract more people to enjoy the park, more often.

Hear not only the how, but why you should consider introducing Ping! to your setting.


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