10 years of Ping!

2019 celebrated the Ping! project turning 10 years old

Ping! has developed from a 6-week summer festival in London to a year-round project with over 25 partners across the country delivering it.

The Ping! Brand has also expanded and now includes Ping in the Community and the Ping Pong Parlour projects.

We’d love for you to join in our celebrations of Ping! this year and to help you take part, we’ve put together this Toolkit full of ideas and activities on how to get involved.

Message from Keely Armitt, Head of Mass Participation at Table Tennis England:

Ping! is a wonderful project that has been funded for the last 10 years by Sport England because of its ability to make the game available to a very large and diverse audience, helping people to become more physically active. We are extremely grateful to all our delivery partners who make Ping! such a success and are tremendously proud and humbled by the impact the project has had on people’s lives. Through the 10 years of Ping! Campaign we hope to recognise and celebrate this and, in doing so, reach even more people that may wish to join in! Good luck with your local events and thank you for your support.

How to Get Involved

We’re looking for individuals, groups or organisations to host exciting events, challenges and competitions to celebrate 10 years of Ping!. This toolkit will provide some great ideas of how you can get involved, but if they seem a little daunting, don’t worry, there are plenty of other ways to join in!

If you’re unable to get involved by running an event, you can still join in online, through our #powerofping films. Make sure to tweet, like and share any #powerofping stories and tell us about your own experiences about how Ping! has affected you or the people you work with.