How to make a big impact using Loop at Work

Workplace ping pong breaks down departmental barriers, injects energy and helps to increase productivity

It has never been easier for you to use Loop at Work to get people more active, including those who find their working life a reason for not being as active as they want. We’ve created a set of templates, infographics and insight to help you present businesses with compelling reasons to buy into Loop at Work.

This content  is designed to help you you:

  • Grab the attention of business decision-makers
  • Pique their interest
  • Shows them how Loop at Work solves challenges that are important to them

Whenever you get interest from a local business contact, you can simply put them in touch with us and we’ll:

  • Answer any questions they have,
  • Provide advice based on their business’ needs,
  • Help them choose and order the best equipment package for their workplace,
  • Then help them get set up quickly so everyone can start enjoying the benefits of workplace table tennis.