How to set up a project

Getting a Loop at Work project introduced into a business is simple, just follow the steps below.

  • Identify any businesses or organisations you would like to target, or advertise the project to your network
  • Confirm how the package will be paid for; either through funding we provide, paying for the package yourselves, or having the organisation pay for the package themselves
  • Ask the organisation receiving the package to visit the Loop website to view the various package options and complete an online order form
  • Their order will be processed and an invoice will be raised and sent to the organisation paying for the package (if required)
  • The equipment order will be placed with our supplier (once payment has been made, if required). The supplier will contact the organisation to arrange delivery and their resource pack will be sent from our Head Office

We can provide you with flyers to send out to your networks, email us and we can send you some.

Alternatively the flyer is attached below for you to print.


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Loop at Work Order Process

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loop at work flyer

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