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The benefits of providing the space and time for employees to play table tennis are many and far reaching

Research shows just how good table tennis is for people’s well-being, and how it can add real value to employee’s lives;

  • Those who play table tennis at work reported a better overall quality of life and overall mood
  • Table tennis participants experience significantly higher job satisfaction
  • Being physically active can help reduce the risk of depression, stress and anxiety
  • 51% of workplace table tennis participants reported they had increased their physical activity levels since playing at work
  • Employees feel more valued
  • Employees feel they are able to take time away from their desks and be more active
  • The table tennis encourages cross department interaction that may not have happened otherwise
  • Employees are more likely to arrive earlier and stay later, taking a full lunch break away from their desks
  • It encourages less dominant personalities to engage in activity with their more outgoing colleagues
  • A good game of lunch time ping pong can do wonders for stress levels!
  • No special equipment is required or change of clothing.  Unlike a lunch time run or fitness class, a game of table tennis returns you to work energised but not requiring changing facilities
  • Table tennis is truly inclusive and can be played by everyone, of any age, gender or ability




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