Digital media channels

Promote your project through the Ping! website and social media channels

Ping! website

The Ping! website  is visited by thousands of people every year, so it provides a great opportunity to communicate information to the public.

Your Ping! city will have a dedicated page on the main website. You will be responsible for:

  • Inputting/correcting contact information
  • Updating all Ping! table locations  – making it clear which table the public will be able to pick up bats and balls
  •  Adding all other social table tennis venues and partners to the map

The Ping! city pages are navigable via the homepage.

Your local community can use the site to:

  • Locate tables
  • Find out about events
  • Read about the press coverage
  • Find out other places to play

It’s important you ensure the ‘Find a Table Near You’ section is kept up to date and for best results, you should include some information about the location and context, and a photograph of every location.

The website’s content management system has been designed to be the only place you need to store and update table information.

You can turn the visibility of the tables on and off should they move at the start or end of projects and you can remove the ‘free bats and balls supplied’ option for tables which remain in place but without the free equipment supplied.

Once you are confirmed as a ‘Ping! city’, you’ll be allocated a micro-site and the information on how to make the changes together with your login details will be communicated to you separately.


Using existing online channels

Your organisation will already have an online presence and an established following across various social channels.

Ping! Tone of Voice

Whether you’re writing a post for Facebook, a news event for the website or a press release, the message is the same and the Ping! voice needs to be consistent.  Ping!’s aim is to bring table tennis to the streets, for free and for everyone, it’s fun and it brings the community together and its objective is for ping pong to continue to be available and to engage the community all year round.  So whatever you’re writing keep this in mind.  For more information on the Ping! tone of voice, please see attachment below.


 Social Media

Social media is bigger than just Facebook these days, although Facebook and Twitter are good places to start! Ping! will use their central Ping! England social media accounts to help promote your project and your local online profiles.   We recommend that to get your own dedicated audience you set up a unique Facebook page and Twitter accounts, for your Ping! City and use it to promote:

  • Your launch event
  • Regular and one off events
  • Stories
  • Photos
  • Table locations

To get coverage on the Ping! England accounts:

  • Appoint someone in the team to look after social media and ask them to connect with us
  • Make sure @Ping_tweets (on Twitter) and @Ping!England (on Facebook) are tagged on your posts – we will share and retweet

You could promote your social media accounts in the following ways:

  • Printed literature
  • Your council website
  • Message other local Facebook group pages/Twitter accounts/Bloggers and suggest they like/follow you
  • Email out the link to friends and family in the area
  • Get table hosts and partners to include links on their sites

Also, encourage table hosts / regular players to set up Facebook groups or pages for specific tables (like London Fields). These don’t need to be complicated or time consuming, but they create an online messageboard for local communication.

The public have found the easiest way to communicate with their local Ping! city is through Twitter – whether it’s to report missing/damaged equipment, search for playing partners, organise their own events, send feedback and comments to Ping! team or share pictures and videos.  Therefore we highly recommend setting up a local Twitter account.  The correct use of hashtags can get you noticed by people who would not normally be aware of you.

For more information see attachment below ‘A Guide to Social Media’ on how you can best use social media channels to promote your project.

Ping! also has its own YouTube and Instagram accounts and we’d be happy to upload your videos /photos from the project on here if you email them to us.  Remember, each of your table host organisations will be doing their own marketing – they will have leaflets and newsletters and email lists – in which they can publicise their own special Ping! events and Ping! in general. Ask them what communications you could be a part of and when the deadlines are to submit copy.

Your partners will all have their own email lists, newsletters, leaflets that they produce. Why not pop an email to all of them to ask them if Ping! could be included and if so, what kind of space for copy/photos you are able to use and when their copy deadlines are. Again, make sure to provide them with your Ping! web address/Twitter/Facebook details so they can add links from their online resources.


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