Events can generate interest or kick start your project

Strictly speaking you don’t actually need to organise any events as part of your Ping! project.  If the tables are in great locations and the promotion of these and  other ‘Play On’ opportunities nearby is done well, people will play time and time again. However, a programme of organised activity, starting with a launch party, can help draw attention to your project, and enable you achieve your aims.

Events can:

  • Generate positive PR for the project, including press calls and photo opportunities
  • Support social cohesion and community building
  • Challenge attitudes about what Ping Pong (or more broadly what sport) looks like, who it’s for and where it’s played
  • Generate specific activities for groups who don’t traditionally engage as much in physical activity such as disabled people, older people, women etc
  • Help signpost participants towards more regular opportunities
  • Improve table tennis skills through coaching and identify those with ‘talent’
  • Contribute to personal development and boost confidence through regular participation and volunteer training opportunities
  • Enhance established city events
  • Help to attract more volunteers
  • Showcase the project to new partners

The attachment below contains lots of examples and suggestion of ways you can create a really great Ping! event.



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