Marketing plan

Write a simple marketing plan

The good news is that Ping! is a self-promoting project and its own publicity machine.  As the tables are situated in public spaces, they’re hard to miss. Passers-by will see the tables and simply start playing.

However, it’s also important to promote your project through the most appropriate channels. Working out the best approach to do this can be daunting, so we recommend spending some time writing a short marketing plan to help you spend your marketing budget in the most impactful way. It’s really worth spending a little time planning this now so you stay focused further down the line.

Your marketing plan should include a list of target audiences, channels that’ll reach each of these and then a list of marketing activity to be implemented, when this will be actioned and who by.

Branding and logos

Branding on tables, signage, marketing material and website is consistent and is provided by the central Ping! team. We’ll provide you with an electronic copy of the logo for you to use in all appropriate PR and marketing material.

Please do not change the logo in any way and always try to leave some white space around the logo so that it stands alone.

The Ping! brand guidelines are attached below.

Tables are branded with vinyl transfers which include: Ping! logo, key partner logos (Sport England and Table Tennis England), local partner logos (city/town councils and/or CSP), website name and table manners asking people to play nicely.

NB: If some of the branding on your existing tables is looking a bit tired now, you can order additional table branding as part of your equipment order. There may be an additional cost for sticker delivery if you’re not receiving any new tables.


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Ping! Brand Guidelines

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