Press coverage

Ping! creates stories that local press love

Each Ping! city is expected to send local press releases out to as many local news desks, features desks, sports desks, on and offline listings, local magazines, local television companies etc as possible. You may need support from your communications team to amend and distribute widely.

Every city has created a real buzz in local media previously. Widespread press coverage will ensure the public know what’s happening and how they can get involved.

Invite the press to attend your launch, key events and/or a specially organised press photo call in the build-up to the launch. Be very clear what the photo opportunity is, and the headlines about Ping! in your city.

Please share press clippings and photographs with us so these can be included in the national evaluation report we submit to Sport England.

Local Listings

Most cities have local listings magazines and websites. Research the most popular ones in your area and find out what their deadlines are. Supply them with information in time for inclusion. If you’ve got some locations or events that sound exciting, this can be a great way to grab the public’s attention.