How to create great public ping pong locations

Follow these simple steps to create successful public tables every time

We’ve helped to create hundreds of public tables since Ping! began. We haven’t always got it right, but following these steps will certainly help you create the public locations that align with your projects goals.

  • Create a long-list of locations that could work. Ideally you should be looking at places where your target audience(s) already spend time.
  • Map these alongside any existing table tennis provision
  • Review pros and cons for each location and then develop a shortlist of preferred locations.
  • Identify the preferred location for tables within the larger space. Ideally this should be close to other attractions such as a café, seating etc.
  • Identify the landowner for your preferred locations and find out who to contact
  • Pitch the value of table tennis to the landowner and the person(s) who could adopt the table locally and ensure relevant table agreements signed
  • Carry out site visits to assess risks and hazards, and make sure there’s a suitable location for the table(s)
  • Important, where possible tables are correctly installed/fixed into position. We can offer some guidance in fixing these tables, but the final decision and execution of any groundworks should always be the responsibility of the recipient (or land owner).
  • Place orders for the most appropriate equipment for each location
  • Build relationships with local community groups who already have an interest in the space / area.
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