Encourage people to be active in public spaces

Ping! has helped to place over 1000 tables in public locations. These have helped give the project a public profile, attract press coverage, made the game accessible to everyone from city suits to rough sleepers.

Tables can be placed in high-profile locations where they get noticed by as many people as possible, or in more strategic locations to target specific audiences.

By placing a small number of public tables, your project will be noticed. Each table advertises itself. The people playing attract other people to play too.

Choose your locations wisely and don’t over commit. It can take much longer to secure permissions than you’d like to think. This should always be factored into your project timelines.

What new public tables can do for you

New public ping pong tables can help you:

  • Establish or expand the public profile of your project
  • Grab the attention of thousands of people and attract interest from other local partners
  • Establish relationships with ‘Friends of Groups’ and other community organisations
  • Engage high volumes of participants – especially during the summer
  • Remove barriers to participation
  • Create a network of free places to play fairly inexpensively
  • Provide provision in specific areas of regeneration or public space
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