Get involved

Ping Pong Parlours can be a great place to run semi-structured sessions aimed at getting people active and connected.

Social table tennis sessions can be aimed at particular groups such as:

  • 50 and above
  • Women and girls
  • Disability groups
  • Shopping centre staff

These sessions have proven to help reduce loneliness, increase physical activity and create links between Ping Pong Parlours and local clubs.

An example is ‘Bat & Chat’ which is an organised session targeting individuals who are 50 and above that may be more prone to physical inactivity and social isolation. These sessions are currently happening in Cambridge, Norwich, Durham, Runcorn, Reading and Mansfield. This has been particularly successful in the Castle Mall shopping centre in Norwich, where it has encouraged both novices and professionals to come along every Tuesday afternoon, providing huge health benefits including those with Alzheimer’s and dementia.


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Castle Mall Bat & Chat Case Study

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