How to set up a Ping Pong Parlour

It's really easy to open a Ping Pong Parlour

The process to open a Ping Pong Parlour in your town or city is a fairly simple one, and involves minimum input from yourselves as a Local Authority or County Sports Partnership.

  • Once you’ve identified a possible shopping centre for the project, contact the centre manager, management company or landlord to see if they would consider opening a Ping Pong Parlour.  To help with this, see ‘How to Pitch the Ping Pong Parlour Project’
  • If you get approval for the project, then either they or you can contact us, and we’ll start the ball rolling! Contact us on [email protected]
  • Table Tennis England will liaise with the shopping centre to identify the most suitable location for the project
  • The Partner Agreement and shopping centre’s Licences and/or Tenancy at Will documents are all organised by Table Tennis England
  • We will provide all equipment and artwork design for the Parlour
  • We’ll inform the local table tennis community, as their involvement can add to the success of the project. We’d also encourage you to spread the word to your networks – the more people that know the better!


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The Ping Pong Parlour Process

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