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Research has given us some powerful insight into the value of Ping Pong Parlours

We’ve discovered a lot about the value of Ping Pong Parlours, including their impact on physical activity levels, who takes part and future participation in sport and physical activity.

  • 76% of Parlour visitors are inactive
  • 54% of Parlour visitors are female
  • 12% of Parlour visitors are aged 50+
  • 20% of Parlour visitors have a disability
  • 75% of visitors return to a Parlour, with 28% returning once a week
  • 49% of visitors increased their physical activity levels since their visit
  • Of those who were ‘inactive’, 69% are classed as ‘active’ since their visit




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Ping Pong Parlour Infographic - one million visits

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Ping Pong Parlour follow up survey

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Why every town centre should have a Ping Pong Parlour

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