Keeping track

We love seeing the progress that Ping Pong Parlours make and their impact on people lives

It’s also important for us to be able to validate the project to funding and other partners with qualitative and quantitative data.  We keep track of the success of Parlours using a few different methods;

  • Hard copy feedback surveys, are made available within the Parlour for visitors to complete. Centres then send completed forms back to us for input and analysis, and we provide the centre (and yourselves) with an infographic showing the results for every 100 responses. The survey can also be completed online, rather than by hard copy.
  • For Parlours that run sessions in collaboration with us, we track who attends the sessions, how often and what impact they have on their physical activity and mental wellbeing.
  • We’re always looking for inspirational stories from visitors to create case studies to show the value of Ping Pong Parlours to others. These can range from good news stories, to more specific topics such as how Parlours contribute to people’s mental and individual development.
  • We can also monitor the footfall to the Parlour, through the use of footfall camera technology. One of our Parlours saw over 30,000 visitors in just over 6 months! Let us know if this technology would be of interest to you, and we can make sure we get the information we need from the centre.


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