Bats and balls

The bats supplied for Ping! are suitable for indoor and outdoor use


The bats supplied for Ping! are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They are robust and offer a good playing experience for social players. The bats are able to withstand the elements, this is important because we always recommend that bats and balls are left out on tables so people can simply pick them up and play.

In terms of numbers of bats needed for the project, we suggest allocating 20 bats per table for the summer. This allows for breakages, heavy use and games/events involving large numbers of people. The bats will be marked with ‘Please Put Me Back’ stickers and you’ll find that people will do precisely that.


The balls for Ping! are supplied in large boxes. The chosen balls are good value for money and suitable for outdoors and social settings. Table tennis balls can get squashed or go missing easily. Allocate 6 balls per table per day and you should have ample stock.

Selected stockists now sell specialist ‘outdoor’ table tennis balls that are 30% heavier, and less liable to get blown around in the wind as much. These are great, but are much more expensive and are sometimes difficult to get hold of. If you have a location that is working well except for the wind, it may be worth looking into these. They can also be bought for outdoor events, as the extra weight really can make the difference between conditions being playable or not.

It’s a good idea to hold a central back-up stock of both bats and balls in addition to those allocated to tables should any site run out. Increase your order of both by 10-15% more to cover this. Any extra bats and balls can be given as prizes or donated with the tables at the end of the summer festival.