Monitoring & Evaluation Requirements

Guide through what is required from our lead partner.

Monitoring and evaluation is a key part of the Ping project, as it allows everyone to track impact, identify areas for development, and report back to funders. We always try to make this process as simple as possible for you, whilst ensuring we collect everything needed.

In order for us to get an overall view of the impact of your project, we’ve got a few different bits of data collection. The below aspects are included within this document on the tabs below.

  • Table Monitoring – to understand how many people your public tables reach. This needs to be completed by partners who have been delivering the Ping project for less than 2 years, or partners who have been delivering for more than 2 years and have introduced new public tables to their project.

Public table monitoring needs to be conducted twice on 25% of your tables (one peak monitoring and one off-peak monitoring) from June to September. Partners who have been delivering the project for more than 2 years only need to conduct monitoring at 25% of your new tables. This is only for public tables and does not include Ping Pong Parlours, Ping in the Community or Loop at Work projects.

  • Table Donations – provide us with details of any table donations you have made since April 2019. We need this information to be able to to monitor and evaluate any projects you donate tables to, using our own existing processes. We will include these projects in your personalised infographic showing the collated table tennis projects across your area.
  • Key Partnerships – tell us about the key partnerships you’ve created with local partners
  • Additional M&E – as well as the monitoring and evaluation we ask you to provide, you might also collect additional information that would help us to understand the impact your project has had. Use this sheet to tell us about anything else we should know about, whether it’s good news stories, quotes from participants, or data collected from a partner.


We’ve also got a short survey for your participants at public tables or events to complete. This will provide data on their experience, inactivity and demographics. You’re required to collect a minimum of 20 surveys, which will need to be sent back to us via post.

This survey will be followed up 3 months later with those who leave their email address in the initial survey, to see if participants have continued to play table tennis and if their physical activity levels have increased since initially taking part.

Monitoring other Projects

If you have other projects as part of your overall Ping project (i.e. Ping Pong Parlour, Ping in the Community or Loop at Work), these will be evaluated by us at TTE using our existing methods. We will include these projects in your personalised infographic showing the collated table tennis projects across your area.


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