The role of MAG

How the Members' Advisory Group fits into the governance structure of Table Tennis England.

The Members’ Advisory Group (MAG) is a source of strategic advice to the Board on a broad range of issues relating to table tennis. Central to the role of MAG is improving two-way engagement between the Board and the wider table tennis community.

Specific Roles

Specific roles for MAG are:

  • To provide a source of expert advice to the Board on key strategic issues
  • To work with the Board to promote and uphold the shared values of Table Tennis England
  • To be consulted by the Board on key strategic initiatives and to raise major issues with the Board.
  • To communicate with the Board following Members Advisory Group meetings and through regular meetings with the Chairman and Chief Executive as well as electronically.
  • To be eligible to appoint up to two representatives to sit on the Nominations Committee.
  • To work with the Board to provide the membership with information on any relevant matter, including when and why Members Advisory Group advice has not been followed.
  • To work with the Board as ambassadors in promoting Table Tennis England and its strategy.
  • To issue an Annual Review to the membership on the work undertaken by Members Advisory Group and its interaction with the Board.
  • To establish sub-groups following due process reflecting the functional areas represented in Members Advisory Group and to work with them and any other advisers or advisory groups reflecting functional and members’ activities.

MAG Advice

The advice that MAG provides to the Board is based in part on the knowledge and expertise of the individual Members. However, this advice also draws on input from the wider table tennis community or reflects the views of the table tennis community. The Board would need to provide their reasons and/or an explanation if they decide to reject MAG advice.

A Project-based Approach

At its first meeting, MAG agreed to adopt a “project-based” approach to its role. Some topics to be considered by MAG will be suggested by the Board, some by MAG members themselves and some from the wider table tennis community.

MAG will work on some projects as one big team. However, for many projects, work will be carried out by small sub-teams or individuals as appropriate and depending on the skill set required.

MAG plans to do as much of its work online/virtually as is practicable. This will minimise the running costs of MAG.

Each year, MAG will issue an Annual Report to the TTE membership on the work it has undertaken and its interaction with the Board.

Communication with and by MAG

As well as submitting an Annual Report, quarterly updates will be published on the Table Tennis England website. You can read these here.

MAG has also set up a Facebook page to aid communication with the wider membership.

Please note, members seeking advice or who have a question or complaint should contact Table Tennis England directly via their usual contact or [email protected]

Terms of Reference and Job Descriptions

The MAG Terms of Reference and detailed Job Descriptions for its members are attached below. There are between 12 and 18 members at any one time – 12 were originally appointed and there are currently 16 members.


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MAG Terms of Reference

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MAG Role Description

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